Massaggio Med


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The MASSAGGIO MED mattress is medically certified by the Ministry of Health. The high quality of the raw materials used allow the mattress to have the CE mark.

Massaggio Med is an Ergonomic Mattress, anti-decubitus, Therapeutic Support, Fully-Orthopaedic memory mattress formed by THREE SLABS.

Silent, ecological, able to perfectly support the shapes of your body. A combination to give wellbeing and hygiene, breathable, anti-dust-mite, ergonomic, ecological, antibacterial, anti-fungal, hypoallergenic, orthopaedic, against back pain.

Slabs Height: 21 Cm
Mattress Height: 22.5 Cm
Category: Class 1 – Anti Bedsore
Density: Hr Breeze 3240/Hr Puro 40/Cm35ec

Materials РFirst slab of expanded polyurethane hr breeze, elastic shaped eggshell which is highly breathable and gives a massaging effect (3cm high). Second slab of highly breathable elastic polyurethane foam sheet placed in the middle (3cm high). Third slab polyurethane high density  foam which is breathable, offering an elastic welcome conforming to the body shape, favouring the recycling of air, support stability and excellent action on the lumbar and trunk area (15cm high)

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